Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a fortune

Tonight I finally opened my fortune cookie from when we ordered take-out this weekend. What was inside made my heart all warm & fuzzy, so I have to share.

Obviously, the next 5 months (really? Just 5 more months) are dedicated to growing this human inside of me and preparing to be the rockingest parents around. As new topics begin to dominate dinner time conversation -- daycare, school districts, stroller options, kid-friendly travel destinations, college savings plans, car seat requirements, etc--, it's all too true that this little grasshopper is shifting the Velmer priorities. And Cricket & I are trying to stay aware of the "us" stuff too--adult convos, date nights, time with friends, etc. And we haven't forgotten about Lula--she's more spoiled than ever these days!

Oh the excitement for things to come so outweighs the lack of sleep, food restrictions, and the my-pants-are-too-tight moments!!!