Monday, March 30, 2015

Truck Party Details

B's party was a big success...and, surprisingly, not entirely too complicated. I love a good party. I really love a good party that's easy to clean up.

The two-year-old loves all things trucks, so we focused on trucks and construction.

Cake: Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting from Whole Foods. I decorated it myself with these little trucks, chocolate rocks from Hobby Lobby, a candle from Target, and some chocolate sprinkles. I cut out a big 2 (printed it out and cut out the # itself) to make a stencil. I laid the stencil atop the cake and filled in the chocolate sprinkles within the 2.

Serveware: Easy disposable paint liners from Home Depot, paint dishes, and small buckets. I used the metal mesh paint drip catcher thing to hold the rice krispie treat paint brushes. Also, I washed off some of the truck toys we have and put them to good use. The wheelbarrow was a great ice bucket! Plates, napkins, forks, etc came from Hobby Lobby.

Decor: I made these "Toddlers at Play" signs and hung them with painter's tape. So simple. You can download and print them, too.

Games: Each kiddo got a yellow construction helmet, and we had a plethora of stickers for them to customize their own hat. We also had these inflatable hammers which were a huge hit--and nothing got broken or bruised! Bonus.

Favors: The turquoise & white striped containers are from Hobby Lobby, so are the little orange stickers I placed on the front. Inside them: