Monday, February 16, 2015

B turns 2!

Today's weather and a pair of late nappers has afforded me the luxury to actually upload photos from the camera, edit them, and...wait for it...write a blog post. Indeed, Atlanta may soon freeze over.

So hard to believe this little guy entered our world two years ago.

We had a busy week. Gran came to visit to celebrate B's birthday, so we celebrated multiple times as any good family should do. This kid won the grandmother lottery.

After a cupcake celebration & early pick-up from school, the family celebration commenced.

Who doesn't love a dancing chihuahua card?

This little guy got a bike. And while he's probably disappointed that having his own means fewer trips to REI to try them out in-store, he was pretty stoked to have one to himself.

[Anyone know how to pause life right about here?]

As the cool temps drove us inside, it was time for the official Birthday Dinner. With ice cream cake, duh.

He's pretty proud of himself, I think.

With the family celebration under the belt, we took a few days off to recover and prepare for his official party. Today, he loves all things trucks, hence the party theme. What the truck? How can he be TWO???!?!

It's CAKE!!!! More cake!!!

So, what do you think, Lucy? I think it's pretty tasty.

 Peanut butter chocolate cake. Kid approved.
I'm afraid this is a glimpse into my squiggly boy's future...very few pics with Mom. At least he paused from cake eating to consider it, even if for a millisecond.

Thanks for everyone who made this birthday extra special. From the teachers who celebrated at school, to the grandparents who traveled near & far, to the friends who carved out a little of their holiday weekend to consume extra sugar amidst chaos.