Wednesday, April 4, 2012

paint decisions on a deadline

So the painters come Monday to begin the transformation of our house!! It's just taken us 2 years to get to this project--we hated the color when we bought the house (the yellow/brown combo reminds me of poop. we like the red accent around the windows, but it's really peeling and hardly noticeable here).

And even though the house was re-done in 2007, the paint is peeling and knots are showing through. Ughhh flipper!

Anyway, here's where we are today.

Leaning towards a gray base, creamy white trim, and a pop of color accent on windows (orange, yellow, red, teal?!?!). Reversing the scheme should balance the scale a little, right? It's so top-heavy now with that steep pitch. May do the dormers a tad darker? Wish us luck!

Any color reccos from Sherwin Williams?


  1. Brandon beige with antique white trim works well.

  2. We are big fans of Sherwin Williams paint but Martha Stewart's colors (so we went and got her swatches at Home Depot and brought them to SW to match). Check out her palette! And good luck!

    (p.s. love the grey/creamy white combo - I think I vote for teal or slate or some shade of brown for the accent color) :)