Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I thought it was Labor Day

...and I was able to convince Cricket to finish some yard projects this weekend.

We built a new flower bed. I'd bought some blackberries, strawberries,  knockout roses, and perennials a few weeks ago, so we finally got them in the ground. We desperately need a new fence to gain some privacy from the neighbors, but the greenery will have to do until we can decide what we want to do.

It complements the dahlia garden quite nicely, too.

Lowe's had zoysia sod, so we picked up about 40 pieces to extend the area we sodded last year. We threw in a few more pavers too. Hopefully, the color will even out as the sod takes root. It's better than the roots, weeds, and crabgrass.

We also beautified the mailbox and driveway. Mulch is magic! The trees lining our driveway looked overrun with weeds and awkward. A little weeding and a bag of mulch greatly improved the curb appeal. We planted some climbing mandevilla and lavender near the mailbox to give it a little more pizzazz. And I finally re-potted my hanging baskets into actual baskets instead of the plastic tubs they came in.

Our garden is well on its way with a few cherry tomatoes about ready to eat. The rest of the veggies are dragging behind, but surely they'll be showing their leaves soon.