Wednesday, July 4, 2012

For sale: white slipcovered studio sofa from West Elm

We are making some changes to our master bedroom and need to get rid of some furniture.

We bought this petite sofa from West Elm just after we bought the house in 2010, mostly because our master bedroom looked so terribly empty before we added any furniture. And, this sucker was quite a steal. The couch alone retailed for over $500 and the slipcover was originally about $200. I think we paid about $350 for the set, before taxes and all.

(view of the side:)

We've enjoyed it...mostly as a place for folding laundry or letting the piles of laundry sit before we actually put the clothes away. It's better than the bed, right? And when not covered in folded/unfolded piles of laundered clothes, Cricket sits on the sofa to play his favorite soccer PlayStation video game.

(view of the back:)

It's a great size for a master bedroom, apartment, dorm room, playroom, etc. and, with an easily removable slipcover, it's easy to keep looking clean!

It's currently posted on Craigslist for $250, plus we'll deliver locally for a modest fee based on distance, stairs, etc.

The slipcover is white cotton. The upholstery is a muslin (beige) color. There aren't any removable's a solid upholstered piece.

(views beneath slipcover:)

depth: 35"
height: 28" (back), 24" (arms), 15" (seat)
width: 76"

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