Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Best Price on Medela Freestyle pump

After playing ping-pong with the insurance company, my benefits coordinator, and the medical equipment provider, turns out, my healthcare insurance doesn't fall under the new Affordable Healthcare Act. Meaning, my breast pump has to come out of pocket. (Unless deemed medically necessary following the birth, which would then require a prescription to be covered at 80%.)

Since I know adding another insurance claim to the to-do list once Baby arrives ain't gonna happen, I sought out the best deal I could find on my pump of choice, the Medela Freestyle.
product image
Today, Walgreens has the pump on sale for $319 (including free shipping), which I thought was the best price I've ever seen of the usual $399+ retail price. Then, I clicked on one of those silly sidebar ads and was reminded of an email a friend sent me when she bought her pump. Lactation Care offers the Medela Freestyle for $295 (including free 3-5 day UPS shipping, no tax outside Massachusetts). They can't advertise their price online for some reason, so's my secret to you. Call 'em up! It was nice to actually use the phone to purchase something for once.

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