Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Renovation: The Before

We bought a house! Woo hoo!!! There's light at the end of this way-too-small-apartment tunnel! Even if the light looks like a terribly dated 40's ranch with tweed curtains and brown shag carpet.

We are super thrilled to get into the new house. The large, wooded lot is just around the corner from one of the best elementary schools in town which is actually being demolished and rebuilt, set to open brand new in about 2 years. It's close to everything we love, and is much, much safer than the old digs. The first time we walked through the house, I got "that feeling." Random little things reminded me of the house where I grew up--the attic fan, the rusty glider on the porch, the antique bed that was included with the sale, the garage apartment, and much more. It just needs some TLC. A lot of TLC.

Here's our initial project list and the required "before" photos (sorry for the phone pics):

  • Install hardwoods
  • Remove the peninsula 
  • Demolish bulkhead
  • new cabinetry & countertops
  • new appliances
  • new lighting
  • update wiring
  • install tiled wall with open shelving
  • construct banquette eating area

Secondary Bath:
  • Replace floors
  • Install new tub/toilet/vanity
  • Update all fixtures
  • Remove built-in cabinet
  • Swap position of toilet & sink to accommodate larger vanity

 Living & Dining:
  • Update built-in cabinet doors (in living & hall)
  • Remove brown shag carpet
  • Install chandelier in dining
  • Install can lights in living
  • Install ceiling fan in living
  • Update fireplace surround & mantle
  • Bump-out fireplace to accomodate TV mount & cables in-wall
  • Install hardwoods (also in foyer, kitchen, & halls) 

  • Replace existing radiant heat & boiler with efficient Central Heat (at least Central A/C is already in place!)
  • Convert to tankless hot water to make room for master closet expansion
  • Bring electrical up to code
  • Install can lighting in main living areas, per code
Master Suite:
  • Expand & renovate master bath
  • Close doorway from master to guest bedroom
  • Convert former mechanical room to walk-in closet 
  • Remove brown shag carpeting. Install carpet.


B's Room:
  • Remove shag carpeting
  • Install carpet
  • Install closet system in large closet
  • Convert small closet to reading/play nook

Guest Room:
  • Paint wood paneling
  • Close & patch secondary opening
  • Install closet system

  • Update laundry space
  • Repair windows as needed
  • Updated moldings throughout
  • Sheetrock repair throughout
  • Update paint & finishes throughout
  • Replace interior doors

You may notice a lot of furniture in the house. We inherited it with the house and are still figuring out what we'll keep, sell, and donate. There is definitely a garage sale in our future!

Stay tuned for updates!!!

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  1. So exciting - can't wait to watch the progress!