Monday, April 25, 2011

smoke 'em if ya got 'em

for the shower a few weeks ago, cricket was in charge of the pulled pork. he's becoming fairly famous for his yumminess, so i snapped a few pics. sorry, he won't let me share too many details. grab a napkin, you'll probably start to drool shortly.

we smoked two pork butts on our super awesome big green egg. cricket has concocted a super secret blend of spices that he won't share. from what I gather, it includes salt, pepper, brown sugar, paprika, and about a dozen other things. he rubs the spice blend into the crevices, then ties each butt with twine to keep it compact for even cooking.

these two butts were each about 4 pounds and fed 20-30 people.

now time for the smoker. the handy dandy digital thermometer helps monitor internal temperature...and he can check it FROM THE COUCH. spoiled? maybe a bit. while it cooks, cricket usually spritzes the meat with apple juice. he uses a fancy pink spray bottle too. nah, not really. it's actually a very manly spray bottle.

doesn't it look gooooooooooooood? just imagine how the house smells now...and the entire neighborhood for that matter. the dogs are foaming at the mouth. me too just typing this.

once internal temp reaches 190-195, the butts are ready to be removed from the heat. in this case, it was about 11 hours. ELEVEN HOURS. which makes the remote thingy very valuable!

pull the suckers off the grill, and let sit for a few minutes so the internal juices redistribute. then, start pulling apart. it'll be HOT so thermal gloves are encouraged.

once shredded, throw it on a king's hawaiian sweet roll with a few dill pickle slices and a dab of sauce. and then have another. or twelve.

i highly recommend this non-mayo slaw to add a little tang on the side. thanks martha!!!

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