Monday, April 4, 2011

tiered garden, part 2

after we built the frames, it was time to install the bottoms for the planter boxes. we used 1/2" thick treated plywood for the bottoms. yes, treated as explained in the first part of this series.

before we could install the plywood, we used scrap 2x4s to create a frame/support for the box bottoms.

 with the supports in place, we laid the plywood on top to form the bottom...

this was a bit of a pain + we found that doing it in 2 pieces was much easier than working with the longer 8' piece. we notched out the posts and screwed into place with a few screws, knowing that the dirt would hold it into place.

to hopefully prevent ourselves from growing extra toes or ears, we lined the treated lumber boxes with 4mil plastic.

we stapled the plastic liner into place + drilled a few drainage holes... we're ready to plant!!

believe it or not, this was the most time-consuming part. it's a good thing cricket is so compact--he was having to maneuver in + out of the boxes to attach the supports. this probably took us about 3 hours. a whole lot of: measure, cut, screw, repeat.

the sheet of treated plywood + plastic: $48.11

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