Monday, June 13, 2011

fruits of the raised garden labor

Lookie here!!!

I'm happy to say the toils of building the raised garden beds is paying off!

We've been enjoying the spoils of basil for a few weeks, and it's going strong. I saw a WW recipe today for buttermilk-basil sorbet that I've gotta try, so stay tuned. if you have any basil faves, do tell!

The squash plant is outta control, so I've pruned it back a bit--hopefully not ruining it in the process. some of the spinach seemed to dwindle, so I popped in an okra plant. OH YEAH. faux fried okra here we come! okay, maybe we'll splurge on the real thing with our very own okra. the hard work's gotta pay off, right?

The bell peppers are off to a slow start, but we have one poblano so far. Maybe we'll have salsa soon! I don't know how to tell when the onions or cukes are ready, anyone know?? They're hiding under the soil from me cuz they know their fate.

The citronella plant actually seems to be effective, much to my surprise. it gives off a gentle scent--not as awful as the candles, and actually works. no greasy sprays, no melted wax, no smoking tiki torches. Not bad for a $4 plant.

very happy to make Modena and Toney proud!! who knew I inherited a green thumb? it probably helps that I married someone who remembers to water the plants.

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  1. oh i can't wait to have tomatoes! Reed keeps eating the small green ones we do have. such a weird dog. thanks so much for your nice words regarding the bach party! i'm glad you had a good time and can't wait for everyone to bask in the glory that is Edenton, NC. CP!!