Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grandma Lee Lee's biscuits

One of my coworkers at the non-box big orange (aka nbbo, not to be confused with nkotb) was featured on the Sweet Peach blog last week and, well, I have to share. Not only do the biscuits sound delish, but well, the whole darn family is Mr. Max is adorable! So is the newest addition, who hasn't perfected his spoon-holding skills to get a spot at the kitchen counter yet. I'm sure he'll make his debut soon.

Click on over to read the full post at Sweet Peach.
I love that this recipe is an homage to Grandma Lee Lee (pictured above with my co-worked & her hubs on their wedding day). What are we without our grandparents?

Me? Well, the short list for me: I'd...
  • have never experienced ice cream drizzled in milk as an after-dinner snack, 
  • not know a thing about flowers (keeping them alive, well, I can't blame them for trying), 
  • never have watched Hee Haw or a Gaither Family Reunion for hours on end, 
  • never have visited Ted Turner's underground suite at Turner Field (thanks Walter!), 
  • never developed a love of ambrosia (an otherwise disgusting concoction, unless served by your grandmother at holiday meals...which oddly makes me crave it every year), 
  • never have developed my mad checkers skills, 
  • never have ridden the indoor carousel at Memphis' Hickory Ridge mall, and 
  • never have built some amazing structures from Lincoln Logs
For Hilly & fam, they'd have never experienced these light & fluffy biscuits. Not to mention the memories shared around the kitchen, the stories told around the dinner table, and the comfort of homemade food.

Thanks Hilly for sharing!

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