Monday, July 18, 2011

m3: lightning bugs

For this week's magical mason monday post, we're talking about something every southern child knows well. the chase, the capture, the release of the lightnin' bug.

I remember spending hours in my grandma's Memphis backyard chasing fireflies. Armed with a mason jar with a lid of carefully poked ice pick holes thanks to my dad, my sisters & I chased those lightning bugs for from dusk until bedtime. We competed for the most fireflies, the brightest jar, and the biggest of all bugs. In our older years, we smeared the poor souls on our white t-shirts for a short-lived glow.

Despite the romanticism of 3 young girls, I doubt we ever considered that we were interfering with Mr. Right finding Miss Right and the reproduction cycle of lightning bugs. Hopefully our efforts haven't diminished the population or the experience for today's young ones.

To fashion your own mason jar lightning bug kit:
  1. Grab a mason from the cupboard
  2. Dampen a paper towel & place inside the jar
  3. Place a piece of burlap over the rim OR use an ice pick to poke holes in the metal circular disc, and lock into place with the sealing lid.
  4. Run wild & catch the flashing fellas...GENTLY.
The firefly glow should last for the evening, but be sure to release them after they've served their nightlight duties.

Southern Living has a cute firefly label for your jars. Print 'em out & invite the neighborhood kids for a firefly party. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a little fun for the adults: serve Firefly sweet tea vodka over ice with a lemon wedge & sprig of mint, in a a mason jar of course!

What's your favorite firefly memory?

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  1. Micki,

    The burlap is a great solution for air circulation within the jars {and stylish to boot}.

    We featured your post at Our Camping Theme Roundup.

    Hope you have a lovely week!
    Nicolette & Karen
    editors of The Classroom Creative.