Monday, October 24, 2011

hair help

believe it or not, i finally have a hair appointment. according to my calendar, the last visit was October 21, 2010. Yes, a year ago. No, I was not growing out my hair.
[thanksgiving 2010 - fresh hair]
[last week - tired hair]

You see, there are all sorts of reasons for this:
  1. My regular gal moved salons. AGAIN. And was getting a little sloppy. So I ventured out based on a friend's referral. He was okay, despite the chattiness & upselling (which drives me nuts).
  2. I was in 3 weddings last spring/summer, so I wanted to give the gal something to work with. It's no excuse for not getting a few trims along the way though.
  3. I'm lazy. It takes me forever to actually bother booking the appointment.
  4. I'm blessed with thick hair that tends to grow out OK, with minimal split ends. (probably related to my laziness thus lack of processing on my hair -- i just blowdry & go).
  5. I finally booked an appointment last month, and I was excited. My mom-in-law scored me a "new client special" at the salon she's seen religiously for decades (I mean, if she were old enough to get her hair done for decades that is). Only for her to cancel on me and then tell me she wouldn't book appointments after 4pm during the week. What? Whose hair does she cut? Good luck finding those clients, honey.
  6. I finally booked a new appointment based on another referral. By the way, I appreciate all of the referrals friends! I'm just picky and lazy and well, we'll see how it goes.
So I have an appointment at Jamison Shaw on Thursday. And now I'm not sure what to I need your help!

My requirements in the new do:
  1. easy maintenance. as in, shampoo & condition. minimal product. dry with a roundbrush. done.
  2. brunette. i'm not going blonde folks, despite the pics.
  3. multiple variations -- okay to curl, pull partly back, pull all the way up, etc. 
  4. smart & chic, without being too trendy. i just can't pull off a mohawk.
  5. i have a round face, so it all has to work without making me look like a child.
  6. my hair tends to do "the flip" on its own, so the cut has to work with my hair's intentions.
Here are some 'dos from pinterest I'm leaning towards. Please help!!!

brooklyn decker bob. i have straight hair, but would love to add some curl if i was brave enough.

charlize. i think i've done this one before. i think i liked it. the long bang version of the long bob.

ginnifer. she has a round face like me. similar to charlize, but longer bangs if any.

ginnifer again. this may be a bit short, but i still like it.

jenny's angled blog with no bangs.

jill casey (i don't know her real name) bob

jill again.

longer version of katie's famous bob? i really think i like the bangs & the length. would my cowlick cooperate??

katie's famous bob. def too short.
 your votes???? voting closes at 5:45 on Thursday, as I'll be in the chair.

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  1. i've been looking at your pins...i like the long bob with or without bangs. mine is a little shorter than i would really prefer, and i have another appointment today. i'm contemplating bangs...i just don't know what to doooo!