Friday, October 21, 2011

when Martha gives you flowers...

Work brings me to Arizona this week for the annual Masters of Marketing conference for the Association of National Advertisers. During a break, I popped over to to the OmniMedia booth where I'd seen a candy buffet set up earlier. there seemed to be quite a bit of hubbub at the booth, so I grabbed some candy and quickly realized it was MARTHA!!!MAArRRRRTHAAAA!!!

As in this the one and only.

I played the game in her booth and won a bunch of sunflowers. I was the first one to win the flowers (a guy before me won a freshly-baked pie, and Martha herself scored a pack of glitter), so we snapped a pic.

Awesome eh?

So, I lugged the flowers around the conference all day; I couldn't bring myself to throw them away, despite looking like the conference goofball who looked like she just left the farmer's market. I got them back to my room (despite our shuttle bus breaking down on the highway, leaving us stranded in the desert for 15 minutes), and in true Martha fashion, used what I had on-hand to prolong the flowers' life.

cocktail glass
corkscrew with foil cutter knife

ta-da! what do you think? would she be proud???
I mean, notice how well the colors coordinate with the bed linens & pillows!

sorry for the poor photos-- phone camera & hotel lighting aren't optimal.

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