Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nursery Progress 4: the crib

With the chair off at the upholsterer, we could focus on the crib.

Neither of us are tall and our room isn't large, so we wanted a smaller profile crib.

Unfortunately, most of the local stores only carry the larger, grand furniture which just wasn't a fit. We didn't want to break the bank, but didn't want to skimp on quality. It was tough to find cribs we liked that we could touch & feel vs just view online.

We were liking both the Babyletto and Baby Mod lines, both manufactured by Million Dollar Baby and similar except price points.

At New Baby Products, we were able to check out the Babyletto Hudson.
[my mom, aka "Gran," modeling the Babyletto Hudson in gray]

We decided to take a risk on the Baby Mod Modena based on the strong reviews and ordered it online knowing we could return it. Gotta love free shipping! The reviews all said it was easy to assemble, so we chanced it.

Cricket was concerned about it because, well, it was really inexpensive relative to the others. (And we ordered it from Walmart, which he automatically hates. I'm an Arkansas girl and grew up on Walmart vs. Target, so I'm pretty open-minded. He, on the other hand, would swear a Coca-Cola tasted much worse, had more preservatives, and was probably otherwise damaged if purchased at Wally World versus a gas station.) They also sell the line via Amazon, Overstock, and other retailers. The pick-up in-store was a pain, I'll admit. Maybe because it was so close to the holidays and people were setting up their layaway plans --  they use the same counter for pick-up & layaway. It would be easier if you could just take your printed receipt around back to pick it up, but I digress...

Mom, Coco and I put it together in a few minutes (J was distracted with his Lego fire truck). We kept it up a few weeks to make sure it was stable & secure. We weren't sure how we felt about the ends being closed vs. slatted, but once we got it into position in the room, it really didn't matter for our room's layout.

As a bonus, the model name is the Modena. My grandmother's name. She watched me a LOT as a tot, so it's like she's watching over our babe while he sleeps.


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