Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Santa Clause

Yes, I know there isn't an "e" on the end of his name. Thanks for bringing up a touchy spelling bee subject from 2nd grade. I could've won state dammit.

Anyway, I need to vent about something else entirely. I may be new to this mom thing, but I am not new to Christmas. Or Santa. We go wayyyy back. I visited multiple times during my holiday shifts at mom's store in Mellor Park Mall. But where did I miss the memo that in order for my 9 month old to have his requisite  nostalgic pic with Santa I'd have to (ahem) make an appointment (ahem, ahem) MONTHS in advance. Seriously? Is it somewhere in fine print on the hospital discharge papers??

I'm not into "the" Santa at Phipps Plaza for this very reason. I'm pretty sure it was September when I heard about making appointments online. Of course, none were available & I was put on the wait list. For SANTA. In SEPTEMBER. (It may have been August. Actually, pretty sure it was still summer.)

But all. of. these. people. freaking out on social media about it is KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLING me. I can't help but feel like those so focused on something so trivial are missing the meaning of the holiday altogether. Yeah, I'm a Christmas nut like the rest, but this just irks me. Tonight I held B, singing carols to him as he dozed. And I think he liked it. Those are the moments, mamas. Not some unshaven stranger with your kids on his lap.

And while I get that older kids may question Santa's differing appearance if you see a different one each year, I'm pretty sure it's not the biggest concern of the holidays. If those bell ringers had a penny for every wait listed mom...

That is all. Stepping off soap box. Good night.

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