Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Time flies...B's first birthday

It seems like just last week that we were headed to the hospital in hopes of soon meeting our babe. I would've never guessed I could love so much, yet love so much more every single day. And be exhausted at the same time. Today's Atlanta weather makes me oh-so-thankful we met him this time last year instead of 2014. 

While life for the Velmers is completely different than it was this time last year, it is most definitely all for the better. A "catastrophic" ice storm or "national emergency" wasn't gonna keep us from celebrating our favorite little fella.

After a blueberry pancake breakfast, we focused on some serious playtime while Dad tended to some work stuff. Someone was very happy when Dad emerged for fun time.

After a solid nap, it was party time.

And, for the cake? Lemon blueberry cake with blueberry jam filling and lemon buttercream frosting, topped with fresh blueberries, of course.

the poor little cake doesn't know what's coming

really dad, i can eat all of these blueberries? with no bib??

oh yeah. nom nom nom nom nom.
I think he would've been perfectly content to just eat the blueberries, but that wouldn't be as much fun. After removing some of the berries, we got down to business.

mmm. this stuff is tasty.

hey dad! there's BERRIES in here!!!!!

And, sometimes cake is so good you just want to sit in it.

Once the cake saw its demise by derriere, we cleaned up and got to some presents.

A dump truck, a swing, and a hammerin' bench - not a bad haul for the cutest one year old on the block. A few out-of-town gifts are held up due to Snowmaggedon, so it'll be the birthday that keeps on givin'. That's the best kind anyway.


  1. I love cake smash pics! What a doll.

  2. Waking up to these photos instantly beat out reading the newspaper for this grandmother! Now to decide which one to frame, tough job.

  3. good one! (get it?!) love this jason. well done.