Thursday, September 18, 2014

Paint Colors

We labored over paint colors like most people do. Endless swatches painted on walls, way too many pints of test paint. It's a tough decision! We ended up going with one paint strip throughout the majority of the house, and I'm super pleased with how well the colors all work together yet still give enough interest throughout the home. It flows without being the same color. (the screen makes these look a bit more yellowy than they truly be sure to test for yourself.)

SW 7042: Shoji White (a great creamy warm white)
Guest Bedroom
Guest Closet

SW 7043: Worldly Gray (this is a great warm greige without green or blue tones. sometimes it looks beige, other times more gray)
Master Closet
Hall Closet

SW 7044: Amazing Gray (a slightly more saturated hue from the halls, kitchen, etc. Warm greige without weird undertones and a perfect neutral base.)
Master Bedroom
B's Bedroom & Closet

SW 7048: Urbane Bronze (love the pop this gives)

SW 6244: Naval (a solid navy without being too dark or too blue)
Guest Bath
Dining (above rail)

SW 7008: Alabaster (a fave white that isn't too stark or yellow or pink or anything. We've used it multiple times)
Trim throughout house

SW 6990: Caviar

SW 6204: Sea Salt (this is so pretty with the Carrara marble floors, counters, and shower tile!!!)
Master Bath

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