Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 shiny circles

I've teased this and now am ready to show it off. To complete the board + batten in the dining room, we needed something for the wall above the trim. We struck out on an antique MEATS sign, so onto plan b. But what was plan b?

We had no clue until we brunched with my in-laws at sun in my belly. They had some cool mirrors all over the walls, and we liked em enough to ask the source. Ikea of course. We went and scooped up a trio and they've been hanging out in the living room ever since. Remember the smoke alarm incident?

We finally installed them!

1. Found the wall center & drilled the anchored screw into the wall.

2. Laid out the mirrors face down to measure where the other screws should fall. For some reason, the math wasn't quite working out as simply as one would think.

3. Drilled in the anchored screw and voila!

It amazes me how much brighter the room is now that the drum pendant's light is reflected off the sparkling wall. Can't wait to see it in the daytime!

Ikea Grundtal mirrors @ $29.99 each. Not bad for large wall art...which we can always move if we get tired of 'em here. Or ever a find our perfect vintage MEATS sign.

Note: if you're shopping for these in-store, they're with the bathroom stuff, not the mirrors.


  1. love it! and the pendant light.

  2. I may have to pick up one or two of those mirrors for my guest room. Good find!