Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letter to Ballard

Dear Ballard Designs,

My husband has grounded me from buying anything from your catalog, stores, and (ugh) the outlets due to our home looking a little too much like a catalog. Beautiful, yes. Original, no. I've thus obliged him, roaming around town, stopping in thrift + antique shops looking for that next unique piece. I thought I was doing pretty well. Until today. Please stop copying me.


The Ballard spring catalog came today, + I perused as Cricket did some figurin' for this project. What do I see on page 22? THIS:

The "Found Bells" described as a Ballard exclusive design...each is a unique found object. Really??? The web description just irks me even more. Look familiar?

Yup. Picked this sucker up from a booth at an antique market in downtown Roswell back in February. And I paid $20 vs Ballard's $35. I know Ballard's offices are here in Atlanta, but are they stalking me? That isn't fair. (unless you want to hire me as a buyer, then let's talk!)

Like it? Well you too can have one (or more) of your very own for just $35 + shipping.

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  1. You may be ticked - but at least it's a compliment - you have a great eye!