Tuesday, September 13, 2011

m3: twist, and blend, and grind, and shout!

nope, it's not a dance move i picked up during my college days. it's an awesome 2-in-1 post to make up for my slacking on last week's ode to the mason jar. i guess i was a little too busy saying goodbye to summer & celebrating my birthday.

want to see what i learned? yup. it involves a mason jar. oh, and margaritas.

say you wanted to make some margaritas ahead of time...ya know, have 'em in the freezer ready to go so the blending & such didn't mess with your margarita-sippin' mojo. well, say you also were a *little* lazy & didn't want to wash unnecessary dishes. enter, this week's magical mason makeover!

yes folks, it doubles as a blender. realsimple enlightened me to this trick--genius!

apparently, most regular-mouth masons are a perfect replacement for your blender's pitcher. the blade attachment easily attaches to the mason's mouth. and here's my own skinny girl margarita recipe to boot!

after a little research, i discovered that it's no new invention, but an age-old secret. according to elise's mom (over at simple recipes), blender manufacturers used to include mason jars in their packaging. i guess mothers do know best. you can even use it as a spice grinder with zero cleanup!

so whether you grind nuts & spices, or if you prefer to blend frosty beverages, pull out the mason jar for easy blendin'!

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