Thursday, February 3, 2011

about cricket

so i've gotten a few comments + questions about why hubs is called cricket. i guess it isn't the most masculine nickname choice in the world, but i think its origin is sweet enough to share.

once upon a time, a young girl + young boy were early in their courtship and took a trip to denver, colorado to hear the boy's younger brother play a concert or two at the infamous red rocks amphitheater. for that weekend they led rockstar lives, and paid for it each morning. one afternoon of the trip the young couple wisened up + planned to take a nap before heading to the venue to begin the debauchery. the nap would have to be a quick one. the couple laid down to take a nap and it was entirely too quiet for the young girl to sleep. there wasn't a fan to turn on, and even the traffic on the nearby street was too eerily still. so, the young boy began to make chirping noises. like a cricket, or a cicada. lulled to sleep by the soothing noise, the young girl fell asleep + had a successful power nap. the couple made it to the show full of energy to hang with the pros. the couple lived happily ever after.

ever since, "cricket" stuck. it's made it's way into wedding band inscriptions, love notes, + everything in between.

let's take a look at some rather important crickets...

first up, pinocchio's trusted advisor, jiminy cricket. you have to admit he's quite dapper. according to wikipedia, jiminy cricket was euphemism for jesus christ.

next, this fabulous priscilla of boston wedding gown. i fell in love with this gown when i saw it in a ralph lauren (?) magazine ad. it was just so sweet + unique. the dress wasn't the actual feature, so it was tough to track down since they'd removed the underlayers for the shoot. but, when i tracked it down and found out it's actually called "cricket," i knew it was my dress. until i tried it on, that is. it turns out it wasn't "the one," but i figure i already lucked out with the other cricket, + he's definitely "the one."

[priscilla of boston vineyard collection: cricket]
 lastly, perhaps the most manly cricket out there. the game. i couldn't tell you how it's played, but don't these guys look tough + athletic? i mean, you have to wear a lot of protective gear, so i imagine it's a pretty intense sport. not to mention it has wide international appeal.

so, after this little report on infamous crickets, i think the name suits hubs even moreso.

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