Sunday, February 6, 2011

it's raining twins

one of cricket's childhood bff's + wife are expecting twins in just a few more weeks. we co-hosted a couples shower for the parents-to-be to get them all set for the girls to arrive. luckily, we have an amazing photographer in the posse who captured it all! here are some highlights of the shower plus a twin-themed favor tutorial...

[aren't the little lambs sweet?]

[twin-themed favors, scroll down for tutorial]

[dad-to-be doing all the heavy lifting]

[the hub of any party: drink station]

[these were some of the fullest hydrangeas i've seen in a while - esp in february!]

[glowing mommy-to-be]

[lula following her nose]

[putting the new shelves to festive use!]

the favors:
inspired by the twins, the favor bags included twin-themed goodies:
  • double-stuffed oreos [2 packs]
  • TWINkies [1 box of 10] ...turns out the grandparents are already calling the girls the "twinkies"
  • double bubble bubblegum [1 bag each: original + fruity]
  • doublemint gum [2 packages of 4]
  1. the double-stuffed oreos don't come in snack packs, so i simply used plastic wrap + curling ribbon to wrap up individual-sized portions. i rolled 6 oreos in plastic wrap + tied each end with ribbon.
  2. place a handful of fruity double bubble in each clear treat bag. [i had a hard time finding double bubble. i swear someone was buying it all in spite of me. i finally found it on my 3rd trip to the 2nd wal-mart in the candy aisle.]
  3. insert a TWINkie + roll of oreo cookies into each bag.
  4. insert a pack of doublemint gum [it can be tough to find the regular old packs of 4-5 sticks of gum these days. i found them in the candy aisle of wal-mart]
  5. fill each bag with a handful of regular double bubble.
  6. tie with pink raffia.
this made 10 favors, 2 of which didn't have the doublemint gum. it would've made 11 if we weren't tempted by the oreos during assembly.

[finished favors]


  1. Well you know I love this post. :) Everything was perfect! You guys did such an amazing job, and you truly have the "eye" for making things pretty. Very jealous! But, "glowing" mommy-to-be...I'm not so sure about. :)