Thursday, February 17, 2011

jewelry pocket organizer

as a girl, one of our  most important challenges is what to do with our collection of jewels. right? i mean, there are really only a few options out there.
  • you can tuck it away in a pretty jewelry box, but i'm of the outta-sight, outta-mind persuasion.
  • you can display your baubles on a pretty necklace tree, but it never fails that i want the one at the very back of the row + i make a huge mess tangling them to get the one i want.
  • hang them on the wall, but i don't have enough wall space
so, a while back i came up with this clever solution. it's worked for me for over a year now, so it has some sticking power. that's a lifetime in my world of organization! i'm known to organize, reorganize, and reorganize the reorg. so, when i find something that works, it's pretty substantial.

it's pretty simple: simply re-purpose a hanging shoe organizer to store your necklaces + bracelets. an organizer with clear pockets makes it easy to see your options, yet stores each necklace individually so it doesn't tangle.

i hang the more intricate necklaces from the top hook, + i use the larger top pockets for bracelets. i can clip any corsages, flowers, etc to the pockets as needed.

the trick: use a STURDY hanger + hook to hang the organizer on the back of the door.

cost: $5

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