Sunday, February 20, 2011

birds are chirping...

this weekend was absolutely gorgeous. while cricket played golf on saturday, i thrifted + played around the house. lu-dog loved it because i had the doors open to let in the fresh air, so she could venture to the backyard at her leisure. once cricket got home, we were lounging on the sofa when we started to hear a faint chirping noise.

"oh, isn't that sweet? spring is surely almost here! the birds are chirping outside." i thought.

wrong. the bird is chirping INSIDE. as in, INSIDE OUR HOUSE.

i can't believe the dog didn't go nutso, but the birdie just bee-lined for the stairway and fluttered between the stairwell window + top of the master bath door molding, trying to plan her escape. so, we rushed to the bedroom to open all of the upstairs windows to let the birdie out. the birdie wouldn't enter the bedroom, so cricket opened the laundry room window, and she fluttered away. well, she may have hit the window first, then flown out. [side note, i really wanted to video this whole escapade, but cricket scolded me when i brought up the idea. sorry guys.]

anyway, this whole episode reminded me that i haven't shown you the new shelving unit for the bedroom. what does that have to do with a bird flying? well, because when the bird flew into the house, i raced upstairs to fetch what else--my bird cage? yep, my bird cage is possibly my favorite accessory on the new shelves. here's a peak, but the shelves deserve a post all their click on and keep reading.

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