Sunday, August 28, 2011

bachelorette party favors

to get the bachelorette weekend off to a fine start, i put together a few little projects to make sure everyone was in the right spirit. we were lucky to be hosted at a ranch, which was a former indian reservation. the room where our soon-to-be legendary dance parties occurred was formerly the communication hub for the klamath tribe. morse code, smoke signals, the macarena, the running man--all legitimate forms of communication, right?

i customized acrylic cups for each girl. in my opinion, this is a great favor because it pull double-duty:
1. everyone has her own cup, so she never loses her drink--at least not for long
2. minimal waste + dishwashing

1 double-walled insulated acrylic tumbler per guest. i picked mine up at bed, bath + beyond for about $4 each. mine included lids + straws.
vinyl stick-on letters -- i used the bubbly ones from hobby lobby, found in the scrapbooking section. it's important these are vinyl [or coated] so they'll hold up to any spillage. each package was $3.99, and i needed 2 packs.
rhinestone letter for the bride, also in the same section.
additional stick-on bling as you see fit--also in the scrapbooking section of your local hobby lobby.

wash + dry the cups:

apply the monogram + bling on each cup. press very firmly. i used each girl's first initial + flanked the monogram with a rhinestone for added sparkle. for the bride herself, she got the fancy cup! her new last name will be Green, so of course her cup was green: 

i also made a special bowl for the 4-legged honoree. afterall, mabel was getting an official daddy out of this!

i started with an acrylic pedestal serving bowl (from the party ware section of hobby lobby), washed + dried:

added the letters, some rhinestones, + a feather boa...and voila:

she was absolutely thrilled about it!

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