Wednesday, August 24, 2011

soon to be cruisin'

we've been planning to rebuild a vintage bike we bought off Craigslist for $60. we named the effort "the gidget project" in honor of the original 50's surfer chick who was initially overlooked by the fellas but ultimately won over the one and only moondoggie. but we've been slack, and, well, buying is a better option. wayyyyyy too many options out there to customize a bike for me, a casual rider.

so we've been cyberstalking lately for a vintage-styled cruiser for yours truly. and recently cricket got the alert that more were in stock! we missed the initial window but were able to snag one shortly thereafter. I love folks who put things in their cart and neglect to purchase. suckers! thank you very much.

it's the windsor Oxford deluxe in "ocean" and ain't she a beaut?

the deluxe (cue weezy and her apt in the skyyyyyyyyyy) means I get a rear rack, a bell, and a beverage holder. schweeeeeeeet! kinda like this:

I'm super excited to have wheels to cruise the neighborhood on! now I just need somewhere to go...

if you see me cruisin' down the road, give me a honk. I'll give you a solid bell ring back, and likely raise my cold beverage! the question you think Lula will be up for a ride in a basket???

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