Monday, August 15, 2011

happy anniversary to us!

we're tuckered out from an amazing 10 days in oregon celebrating my sis + new bro's wedding. but i'm not too tired to acknowledge the wonderful man i married two years ago today.

oregon pics coming soon, but first, a few reasons my hubs is a rock star in his own rite:
  • he still makes me laugh every day
  • he still waits on me to jump into freshly cleaned sheets, even if i'm taking a long time to get ready for bed
  • he gives up "his" spot on the couch if i want to switch
  • he still holds my hair back when necessary (though i like to think i've grown up a bit)
  • he still takes out the garbage
  • he still rubs my feet after a long day
  • he still adores my family, even after 10 days in oregon
  • he indulges my dance parties in our living room
  • he makes delicious coffee
  • he spoils the dog just as much as i do
as though our liver could handle it, we're celebrating this weekend up at the lake. in the midst of another couple saying their vows, we'll get to re-live ours in the very spot we tied the knot.

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