Monday, August 1, 2011

m3: luncheon favors

one of the marathon wedding events earlier this month included a bridal luncheon at the childhood home of the bride's bff [check out her post over at life is reed-iculous]. when we walked into the waterfront home, the tables were set with classic blue + white linens + dishware. an adorable favor marked each placesetting, fashioned from you-guessed-it, mason jars!

i'm no plain-jane mason jar snob as some may be, so i greatly appreciated the fanciness of the faceted version used to adorn the tables + mark our seats. i think they added a bit of glam to the favor. inside the favor were some scrumptious bacon-chocolate cookies that i tried to hide from cricket, with little success. you can check out the recipe here, much to the dismay of little piggies everywhere.

the favors were wrapped with a band of white tulle (very wedding appropriate), then wrapped with a length of navy grosgrain ribbon (navy being the hue du jour). a custom seal read "a sweet & savory treat" covered the ends, and all were wrapped multiple times with twine (who doesn't love a mason jar with twine?). the names were hand-stamped on the lids, which had coordinating stickers. the frilliness of the lace accents, the rustic twine, the hot pink stamped names, set atop a perfect-sized doily--it was just adorable.

masons can hold just about anything, and can be dressed up or down to suit your occasion. another bonus: they're travel-friendly. they're unlikely to break or leak inside a suitcase, despite the TSA's best efforts.

well done!

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  1. Nice post - glad you liked them :) Sounds like you have a lot of wedding going on this summer!