Sunday, May 8, 2011

Grassy Pavers

With the pavers installed, we needed to lay the grass between the pavers to help hold the pavers in place. I wasn't sure if seeding or sod would be the best way to go. I was concerned that sod would dry out against the cement pavers. But I was worried that seeds may not grow in fully enough in time for the shower in a few weeks. I couldn't have guests tripping around on the pavers.
[ta-da! the new patio]

So I decided on sod. I was torn between grass types. Bermuda or Fescue or Zoysia? Well, the area is too sunny for fescue. And Cricket isn't crazy about Bermuda. Zoysia it is!

Unfortunately, NO ONE SELLS ZOYSIA IN GEORGIA. Unless you need an entire pallet, that is. Which, we certainly didn't. Ugh. Cricket called his contracting buddy, who was apparently having zoysia installed at a project soon. We hoped the landscaper would add a few pieces to the order for us. Turns out, the landscaper was installing that week--and he had extra! FOR FREE!! SCORE!!!!! We'd just need to pick it up on the day he installed it....whenever that may be.

We just didn't know when we'd get "the call" to come pick it up. But on April 27, "the call" came. In case we needed any motivation, this was right on our heels:
[weather radar of the tornadoes in AL, heading our way]
We were already worried about getting the sod in before the rain came so our sand wouldn't wash away...but this storm was SERIOUS. When I got home from work, we switched into super-fast mode. Cricket was cutting the sod pieces as I laid them. He used a rusty machete, but honestly, scissors would've worked too.

Luckily, the whole pieces of sod were perfectly sized for the larger gaps between the pavers. That wasn't planned, but I encourage it for anyone planning something similar.

[almost come the storms]

we finished just before dark. the rains came shortly after to give the sod it's first good soak.



[to do: build the bench, find a few accessories, grab a cocktail!]

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  1. This is gorgeous. I have always liked the look of grass or hebs between pavers. The raised beds are very mice and I like the furniture and pillows. You have really made a difference back there.

  2. thank you! i just wish the grass wasn't starting to die. wonder if a can of green spray paint can help that....