Monday, May 16, 2011

diy party pennant banner

i used the couples shower we hosted as an opportunity to give my pennant banner crafting skills a trial run. my sis has commissioned 100s of yards of pennants for her august wedding, and having never done this before, i wanted to practice before taking the scissors to her basketful of fabric remnants she sent me.

[happy couple]
the invitation was similar to this one from minted, so it was a perfect excuse to incorporate them into the decor!

for this trial, i used scrapbooking paper instead of fabric remnants. i also used some store-bought die-cut letters, grosgrain ribbon, and good ol' elmer's glue.

[scrapbook sheets + 4" letters]

first, i created a pattern triangle once i figured out the size + shape that would work for me. i basically folded the paper to get an even triangle and trimmed with scissors. since i didn't use double-sided paper, i needed the triangles to fold over the string for a double-sided appearance. next time, i'd use double-sided paper.

i cut out enough of these to accommodate the letters to spell the bride + groom names. once i had enough cut out, i spaced them along the ribbon. then, secured the front + back sides to the string with a bead of elmer's around each edge.

[bead of glue along flag edges + ribbon]
then, i folded the triangle over the ribbon, pressed, + let dry.

once dry, i used sticker dots to apply the die-cut letters.

i used the scraps to create a few miniature banners, too. i wasn't as concerned with these being double-sided, so i attached them to the ribbon with scotch tape instead of glue.

[materials for small flag assembly]

[ribbon taped to back of small flag]


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