Wednesday, May 18, 2011

judgment day to-do list

with these guys claiming that the rapture will occur at 6pm on Saturday, it's got me thinking. well, only partially thinking since they once claimed the world would end in Sept of 1994.

so i probably need to re-prioritize my current to-do list. so far it's this:
  • return my new wedges to BR. they hurt my little pinky toe. who needs shoes to walk streets of gold?
  • return some party supplies to Michael's that we didn't use. i imagine there are plenty of doilies in heaven. and candy.
  • straighten out some address issue at the bank. but this probably won't matter since we won't need $ where we're going. and my address will likely change, come to think of it.
  • pick up some birthday cards. hmmm. maybe i'll go ahead and pop those in the mail, just in case.
  • get a haircut. obviously, i want to look my best at the pearly gates, but i should probably make sure it'll work with the windblown look since we'll be defying gravity on our ascent.
  • try on my bridesmaid dress for a summer wedding. maybe i'll wear it on saturday to make sure i get a good wear out of it. it's pretty!
  • book our hotel for a summer wedding. again, maybe futile, but i hate to miss this wedding.
  • return a library book & pick up a new one. i'm guessing St. Peter frowns upon late fees.

in all honesty, i'm not terribly concerned about 6pm on Saturday. i'm pretty comfortable with where i'll be whenever the good Lord calls us all home. and, on Saturday, i'll be at one of the few remaining cathedrals in the country, so i can't think of a much better place to be. more on that trip to come!

has the threat of the end of the world helped you prioritize anything?

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    1. This is a great post! Love your comment about not needing shoes to walk the streets of gold!