Monday, May 9, 2011

bb's bday in b'ham

cricket's grandfather turned 90 last week. ninety!

so, cricket's bro + sis-in-law [aka zenn] headed in from the west coast to celebrate. we were thrilled to spend an extra night with our new sis, since the mileage between us keeps our visits pretty limited to tour dates + holidays. i was in the midst of assembling patio furniture when cricket arrived home with our houseguest, so the patio furniture took a back seat to wine time with the sis-in-law! the mess would have to wait.

on saturday morning, we picked up z on our way to b'ham. he'd played late in austin + was running on just a few hours of sleep, if any. we got to b'ham before our 1:00 reservation at The Club, so we searched google maps for the nearest starbucks. we came upon the cute neighborhood of five points, where we spent the next hour changing clothes + consuming caffeine on the street.

primping on the street. i caught them all staring into their reflections, but they wouldn't re-pose for a photo.
after we looked good, we headed up to The Club. The Club is located on the ridge of B'ham, so it offers an amazing view. BB loves to go dancing here + it is straight out of "The Godfather." Picture art deco to the max. it could be really cool if they updated it a tiny bit, but some of the 90s updates still remain a little out of place. nonetheless, very cool.
iconic "The Club" entrance
can't you picture us rolling up in a vintage convertible for a high-class evening of drinks + dancing with our socialite friends? i wish.

mr. + mrs. v actually held their wedding reception here 30+ years ago. turns out, there was a wedding being held while we were there, so we snuck in for a pic. obviously, that's not their cake. if only that caketopper initial was a V instead. surprisingly, only a few weird looks from the waitstaff.

wedding pose...30+ years later [if only that caketopper was a V]
after picture time, we returned to the table to celebrate BB's birthday. doesn't he look sweet [and happy]? watch out ladies, i hear he's on the market.
the birthday boy
after lunch, we headed to the patio to soak in the skyline. we couldn't really see any of the tornado damage from where we were standing, but someone tried to point it out. luckily, The Club was spared.
while we were on the patio, we had to take some family photos. we aren't together enough, and someone has been slow to share the ones we took at christmas. she will remain nameless.

cricket, pops, + z

pops with the girls

the fam - am i really the tall one in this photo? hmmm...

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  1. HI, MIcki, thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you! I'm looking forward to connecting with more ATL bloggers in the future & it's good to be home.

    I love The Club! What a fun time you had with the birthday part. It is such a throw back to simpler times. That was one thing about B'ham that was so unique.