Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas highlights

we spent the first half of the holidays in Arkansas, followed by a week of my bro-in-law's concerts in Atlanta. here are some highlights...
[auntie liv earning some major points with the canines]
my mom + her new hubby recently bought a house where they could begin their lives together. it's set on 7 acres with a big yard dotted by pecan trees and backs up to the woods. they're still figuring out the remodeling plans with the contractor, so it's not terribly functional yet. but, the dogs didn't mind. the seven acres just outside the city limits were heaven on earth for all of mom's grand-dogs. we shot guns, christened the house with bubbly, + wore out the canines.
[mabel is a furious frisbee fetcher]

[pilgrim worked up some serious drool chasing her tennis ball]

[mom christening the house]

[better than a mason jar: champagne in plastic cups]

[even lula loved the woods!]

[be scared if she aims a gun at you. her eyes will be shut when she pulls the trigger.]

[pilgrim taking a break]
[mabel taking a breather while pilgrim has a ball]

[lula had to be retrieved herself. and mabel was there with kisses.]
[this shot took forever. and we can only partially blame it on the dogs.]
back in atlanta, we celebrated with cricket's family. his bro & wife were in town so it was a full family affair. we spent the week at the Tabernacle, and one day i chauffered my sis-in-law to get her long-awaited tattoos from the infamous david hale in athens, ga. i was fascinated by the process and took over 100 photos. stay tuned for those once i edit them down. we spent new year's with a few thousand strangers + a handful of friends we don't get to see that often.
[my sis-in-law's new tattoo by the talented david hale]

[sold out show at the Tabernacle]
[happy new year!!!]

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