Wednesday, January 25, 2012

juicy juice

i decided to give the new fancy juicer a try. i mean, it does look good on the pantry shelves, but this ain't no museum.

since we're pretty keen on the soda stream, i thought i'd prolong the life of some diminishing limes + lemons so we could flavor our own sparkling water in a natural way. have you seen what they charge for the flavored mixes? it's crazy. and full of sugar. no thanks.

i was proud of my little guy. and ya know what, a little mason jar fits PERFECTLY. go figure. thanks for this one, reid!

first up...limes.


then...i rescued half an orange from the fridge for some fresh-squeezed juice for the chef. it was sooooo good.

i froze the juice in large ice cube trays. i didn't fill them up, just about 1/3 of the way since these are BIG cubes.
[there they sit, next to the basil butter i made this summer]

can't wait to try them in our next batch of sparkling water!

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