Friday, January 27, 2012

master bedroom switch-a-roo

hubs has agreed to a weekend switch-a-roo in our massive bedroom. not just agreed to it -- he woke up excited abut it!!! woo hoo!

you know how simply re-arranging furniture can give a space new life? I'm counting on it. we have some projects planned for our master bedroom this year, but we need to decide on a room layout first. thus the big flip-flop, tumble-jumble, thrifty-shifty.

check back this weekend for some before & after pics. of course, we may hate it and revert back to the original. I sure hope not because some of that furniture is heavy.

what area your weekend plans??? what room re-arrangements have made the biggest improvements in your home? did you have any that flopped? (I know I have.)

happy weekend!!!!

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