Sunday, January 29, 2012

necklace hanger tutorial

for christmas, my sister gave me an adorable earring holder to hold my hook-backed jewels that i'm guilty of leaving to be forgotten in my jewelry box. unfortunately, i left it at my mom's house and had to wait for it to be shipped to me. it was a DIY project from a backless frame + hardware cloth. GENIUS, right?

[sister's christmas gift to me]

while i waited for the hanger to arrive, i decided i needed to figure out something to better manage my longer necklaces. i was inspired by this ballard design hooks + i figured it'd be the perfect use for some hooks i already had, and it'd be much cheaper than the $70-90 retail. OUCH!

i'd planned to stop by a local salvage place for some reclaimed trim, but they were closed. and i wanted to get my project on. i picked up a few pieces of lumber + trim and was on my way.

trim [as decorative as you'd like] the length of your wall space; i used 2 pieces
1x6 the length of your wall space
wood glue
paint - base color, darker glaze, metallic finish

1. Apply thin bead of wood glue along bottom edge. Attach bottom trip to 1x6 and clamp. Let dry for at least 30 minutes.

2.  Run a squiggle [yes, it's a technical term] of wood glue along top edge of 1x6. Attach trim + clamp. Let dry for at least 30 minutes. [If you have enough clamps, you could theoretically do steps #1 + #2 simultaneously to cut down your drying time.]

3. With all trim attached to the 1x6, cut the board to desired length. I opted for a 45-degree angle. Sand rough edges until smooth.

4. Apply 2-3 coats of base color paint, being sure to cover all edges. I used Martha Stewart's Hosta matched to Glidden satin. [I bought a tester-sized bottle, and it was more than plenty.]

5. Once base color coats have dried, mix water with a dark brown acrylic for your glaze. I used Delta Ceramcoat Burnt Umber. Lightly brush onto the boards, highlighting knots + crevices as desired. Use a dry paper towel to lighten any spots. Continue to add glaze until you have the aged effect you desire.

6. Once the glaze has dried, use a dry brush apply metallic finish paint. I used Martha Stewart Thundercloud metallic. Add as many LIGHT coats of the metallic finish as you'd like. Be sure to let it dry between coats so you can see the actual glisten, as it appears much more metallic when wet.

7. Now that you've achieved the desired finish, attach your hooks.

8. Attach small hangers to the back of your boards and hang on the wall. The trim I used created a little ledge - perfect for my cuffs, bangles + brooches.

[the accessory center: smaller necklaces in the pouches, more delicate ones on the hooks]

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