Saturday, February 11, 2012

ballard designs shelf makeover

when we bought these shelves, they needed some love. but for the sweet deal we got on Tuscan media console, hutch, + bookshelves, it was totally worth it.

when we moved our bedroom furniture around, it was the perfect time to give these guys some long overdue attention.

the Lowe's shopping list:
  • quart of paint, matched to a chip from the busted backing
  • panel of beadboard to match the existing backing
  • 1x12" boards to make shelves
  • ribbed trim to match the shelf-fronts
  • brackets to mount the new shelves
we cut the new piece of paneling to fit, then rolled on two coats of paint. while that dried, we built the shelves and glued the trim to the front of them. once dry, we primed + painted. while all of the paint was drying outside, i touched up the shelves themselves.

once everything was dry, we put the shelves into place + replaced all of the accessories. it's amazing what a coat of paint does! the new shelves really help to anchor the fixture, and now the TV doesn't look so miniscule amidst the massive hutch. it's a much prettier site when you walk into the bedroom now, don't you agree?


[busted backing]

[there's a reason they call it scratch + dent]
the makeover cost less than $100, bringing our total for the Ballard Design Tuscan shelves to about $850...still WAY below the $2,600 retail price tag [plus delivery]! woo hoo. i think i could give william shatner + his negotiator buddies a run for their money.



  1. Stumbled upon your blog when I was trying to find some reviews on the Ballard Designs Tuscan Media set. Yours looks great - I have been eyeing this set for a few years now, but being that I have to have this shipped (I'm in CA), I'm nervous about the reviews that say its very yellow in color (I am hoping for a white)... Did you have trouble painting this wood? Wondering how easy it would be to paint if I order and its too yellow for my taste... Thanks!!

    1. The color is definitely creamy. The pieces weren't hard to paint at all, so it's definitely doable if you aren't happy with the color. Most of the shelves are adjustable, so can easily be removed for easier access to the nooks & crannies. I believe the trim in our house was SW Alabaster (or close to it), so that may help you with the variation? The "Tuscan Cream" was a pretty close match. Though I can't guarantee my photos display it well.

    2. Thanks so much! That helps. I'm really tempted... I see they are having a 20% off sale now (I live too far from the outlet to happen across a great sale like yours!), but its still a lot of money to be buying sight really unseen which is why I'm nervous... Did you have to sand the piece before you painted or did you just paint away? Thanks so much! I appreciate it!