Thursday, February 9, 2012

diy moss terrarium

the last few weekends have been gorgeous here, so it's given me a little spring fever. our house doesn't have many plants in it, since i'm not much of a green thumb. but i've been determined to change that + took advantage of the pretty weather to pot a few plants for the house.

indoor plants not only add softness, texture, and color, but they also improve the air quality in the home. i struggled finding plants that were dog-friendly, and this is critical in our house since Lula's been known to chew on them from time-to-time. i consulted the ASPCA website's plant listing and left many garden stores frustrated with their lack of options. ugh.

i saw these moss terrariums from Twig Terrariums featured on last week and figured i could make my own at a ridiculous fraction of the $99 flash-sale price. i even found this tutorial from Twig Terrariums themselves on how to do it.

a $5.99 vase from Homegoods, a 59-cent plastic saucer to use as the lid, a little moss, and a few supplies i already had, and i had myself a moss terrarium.

basically, just add the components in layers. the ladies at Twig Terrarium walk you through the step-by-step process, so i'll just show off my end result:

[i really love the vase i found. i may have to make some more of my own with a little gold acrylic paint + cylinder vases]

i also put together another terrarium, shown here on the bedroom bookshelves. it's not enclosed so it requires a layer of activated charcoal to keep it from getting funky. it has a simple fern in it for now, though i may add another plant so it has a buddy.

i got my moss from a craft store + a garden center. the rocks + soil i already had. i picked up the activated charcoal [aka activated carbon] at petco, and the smaller container was plenty.

i'm excited to see how these guys turn out after their ecosystems establish themselves.

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