Monday, February 20, 2012

a pinning weekend

my mom joined us for the weekend, and we managed to get some good visiting time in while we weren't running around town looking at faucets, light fixtures, windows, granite, and appliances.

after a day of shopping, she spent about 4 hours sorting through her outdated quotes, magazine clippings, architectural sketches, and color swatches which she carries around in her portable file organizer. the entire time, i kept telling her that pinterest would cut those files in half.

eventually, she was organized enough to sit down for a pinterest tutorial. and i think she's hooked. her hubs too. he started his own "outdoor kitchen" board with some fancy schmancy grilling gear. considering that the contractor was at their house while they were 8 hours away at mine, and he was calling them to make decisions as the work progressed, it became a little apparent that they are about a zillion decisions away from completion of this farmhouse renovation. and i'm afraid i may have only added about a trillion new ideas in a matter of seconds.

mr. contractor, i apologize. but if you could please make sure we have a place to stay at the next family holiday, i'd really appreciate it.

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  1. Yes, this is mom and I am if I only can find time to play! I love this.