Friday, February 17, 2012

gran is coming!

we found out on valentine's day that my mom + her hubs are heading our way this weekend. they're looking for some stuff for their house reno, so it'll be a fun weekend of shopping [and spending someone else's money].

they are re-doing their 60s ranch...i swear i told y'all about it but now the post is MIA. photos, inspiration, and all. ugh.

do any of you locals have any recommendations of where to shop for kitchen & bath materials? my mom wants a showroom where she can touch & feel & see the items up close before she orders them. being from a small town, the only local option is a box store without much selection. some things we're looking for:

lighting fixtures

i think we'll hit the 14th street/huff road corridor one day, and then the jimmy carter blvd area another. any suggestions?

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