Thursday, February 16, 2012

treats for my sweets

as i mentioned, we like to stay in for valentine's day. we've always cooked ourselves a nice meal, enjoyed a bottle of wine, and worn our lounge clothes. it SOOOO beats a rushed dinner at a crowded restaurant.

i surprised cricket with a homemade chocolate chip peanut butter pie (it's a WW recipe, and i saved my 11 points for the yumminess all day). he surprised me with half a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries (hmmm, wonder where the others went. those aren't points, right?). and we surprised lu-dog with some yummy treats from the neighborhood dog bakery.
[all the treats]

we pulled out one of the "good bottles" of wine - one we picked up during the oregon trip at penner-ash vineyards this summer.
we grilled the bone-in pork chops we received as our most recent share from the Moonshine Meats CSA we recently joined. these puppies could be were mistaken for ribeyes on Facebook!
[pork chops from moonshine meats CSA]

while the chops were on the grill, i set our pretty table...err island. notice the classy candleholder - a sheet of aluminum foil. cricket accidentally ruined our carpet last love day by over-zealously blowing out some candles, so this was a precautionary measure.
[glamorous tablescape. gotta love that foil!]
unfortunately, no bus boy showed up to wash the dishes, so we were on our own there. but it was worth it!

how was your valentine's day?

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