Sunday, February 12, 2012

going green

as i mentioned in the diy terrarium post, i need some green in this house! since the garden centers weren't on my side for doggy-friendly plants, i decided to add some greenery to the bathroom. Lula doesn't like going in there since she thinks it means bath-time, and it's really a great environment for some tropical plants who love the humidity. might as well make those hot showers pay off!

the "zz plant" in my new ballard pot. it fills the corner nicely + the filtered light from the picture window is perfect for it.
 a succulent found a new home on the shelves...
and a curly fern sits atop the shelves...hiding some of the stereo. i really love the texture of these leaves!

downstairs, i added a little potted ficus...

and another fern found a home on the newly revamped bookshelves:

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  1. Beautimous!

    I couldn't read "zz" without thinking ZZ.AT-...