Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentine for my valentine

it's been a full week o' love. hope you're feeling it too. i ripped off an idea from something i saw on a few weeks ago and crafted cricket a little valentine.

we like to keep it simple around valentine's. here's a version of the convo we had leading up to the hallmark holiday:
C: "we aren't doing gifts, right?"
Me: "i guess that depends on how much you love me"
C: "oh come on."
Me: "i got you something."
C: "huh? i thought we weren't doing gifts. i thought we were saving money" [panic sets in]
Me:  "well, i made you something."
C: "oh."
Me: "are you counting flowers as a gift? cuz i expect some pretty flowers."
C: rolling the eyes

here's what i made him using a simple word processor, nifty font, and card stock:

popped it in a little frame and it's perfect for his desk:

i topped it off with an "i love you" balloon from the grocery store. high roller!

happy valentine's day. i couldn't post this before the big day in fear of ruining the surprise.

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