Tuesday, February 7, 2012

bedroom switched

as i mentioned a few weeks ago, we decided to give our master bedroom a big switch-a-roo. you saw the before pics + the state of chaos that our bedroom commonly is was. yes, i believe in being genuine, so you got to see the real mess.

before, when you walked into the room, you saw this...

now, you see this:

and on the other side of the closet door, where you once saw this...

you now see this:

do you remember these shelves from my New Year's Day 2011 score? well, they were a little beat up + we'd had plans to whip them back into shape. the switch-a-roo motivated that project, which i'll post about later this week. don't they look a zillion times better with the added shelves in the center?

the move of the entertainment center/shelves also required a rewiring. we had to run cable from one side of the closet to the other, and we had to move a light switch since we still needed the closet light to be functional and all. i'll tell you about that later this week, too.

and where the bed once was...

...is now our "gym". we have plans to do some fun stuff in this currently blah space, so stay tuned.

and where's the dresser you ask? well, it's tucked behind the door here:

that's my grandma O's chair that I need to recover...but I can't decide what to do with it. i love the tufting + the trim of the pink brocade chair. and that's lula's mountainous bed of fluff next to it. the dog has more pillows + blankets than the queen of sheba. thanks to her Aunt Coco for the diy fleece blankie!

we still have some things to finish out this room--big + small. until that big reveal, rest assured we're sleeping a little better.

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