Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 day resolution

so i never shop at sears. we went specifically for the dyson sale a few weeks ago. as we walked into the store, i think i said "the last time i was here i was considering buying an elliptical machine." cricket laughed.

cricket wanted to check out the free weights as we passed that section en route to the vacuums. and there's a nordictrack elliptical on clearance. originally $800, now $240. what? so i played on it and it didn't feel cheap. i didn't worry that i'd tip over. i could actually use it at a normal pace without thinking i'd fly off of the wheel thingy. hmmm...

so yeah, we went home with it. it was missing the battery pack cover, but the associate said we could call for the replacement part. (for now, there may be a duck tape solution.) we loaded it up (love having a truck!) & brought it home. i was even able to help get it up the stairs (maybe i don't need to work out afterall, i'm buff. hah, right.)

we have the space for it, and it's literally the ONLY piece of gym equipment i like to use. with winter coming, i expect it will be very useful. we have an awesome new gym at work, but well, it's still a pain to get there, work out, and then get dressed for work there. and working out with co-workers is a little odd to me still. i'd rather do it all in the comfort of my own home, right as i roll out of bed. and i can still take advantage of the free gym classes (and YOGA!!) at the office to mix up my routine a little.

we have 30 days to decide if it's a keeper. cricket says i have to use it 3x/week or it's going back. our decision period ends this week. so far, i've been really good about using it--usually in the mornings. the time change has helped me motivate, too. it's not the prettiest thing in our master bedroom, but i love rolling out of bed onto it. i mean, it's hard to ignore it en route to the bathroom. no excuses.


  1. keep it until i get there. it will be the only cardio i'll get all year

  2. @oo: that puts me past the 30 day mark. and we'll get plenty of exercise chasing the dogs thru the neighborhood once Lu teaches Mabel to escape.