Saturday, November 19, 2011

luggage stool re-do

originally, this stool served as lula's window perch. but, after we replaced her perch with a chair a few weeks ago, it was time to re-purpose the stool for the guest room.

as a pet perch, it had dark brown stained legs + i had covered the "leather" cushion with outdoor fabric to match our living room AND hide dog hair.
after removing the cushion, i lightly sanded the frame then painted the legs with gloss black paint. it took about 3 coats.
as the paint dried, i used my handy staple gun to re-upholster the cushion. i centered the fabric and flipped it over. i pinned in place to keep it taut, then stapled from the center to each edge, saving the corners for last.

with all edges tacked, i tackled the corners. i wanted a tight pleat, so i folded and stapled. i had originally planned to sew a custom cover for the cushion, but the stapling was MUCH quicker.

with the paint dry, i screwed the cushion into the frame and voila! perfect spot for guests to put their suitcases during their visit.

stay tuned for the big guest room reveal to see how it fits in its new home!

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