Tuesday, November 8, 2011

thanksgiving tradition

i'm so excited we're having everyone over for the cutting of the bird this year.

i'm blessed that i was raised in a family where thanksgiving is a very crucial family holiday. i'm blessed that they'll travel far enough to be with us. i'm so blessed to be able to welcome them into our home. i'm blessed that we're all able to enjoy a day together despite the drama that comes & goes. i'm blessed to have a husband who puts up with my family. i'm blessed we're both from families who know the importance of family.

since i was a toddler, my family's thanksgiving was always a highlight of the year. at times we'd have over 70 people spread throughout my grandparents' house in south arkansas. one of my favorite traditions was when we'd all form a circle & join hands. before my granddaddy said the blessing, we went around the circle and each said one thing we were thankful for. some were funny, some brought tears. whether cousin Madison was thankful for her new Nike kicks, or Aunt Carolyn was thankful surgery had been successful, or Grandmother was just thankful we were all there, it's a lasting memory that we carry on today.

this year, the circle will include:
  • mom (her hubs is heading to OK)
  • dad
  • dad's girlfriend
  • sister O (she's into cheese-making lately, so this is handy)
  • sister's new hubs (he makes wine & beer, so this is awesome)
  • sister's hubby's mom
  • mom-in-law
  • pops-in-law
  • and maybe some friends who'll be in town
oh yeah, sister O's pooch will be on-hand to help Lula with any leftovers
hopefully teacher sis will be able to ichat for the circle, since she can't make the trip from texas

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  1. what about teacher sis' pooch? is she allowed to skype? will cricket be able to fix teacher sis' computer if pooch tries to eat the screen, thinking it is his green-egg turkey?