Monday, November 21, 2011

top turkey day tip #1

as the hours dwindle by, i've been pouring over the thanksgiving details. our first guest will soon arrive, the house is clean, the groceries bought. the tablescape, ummm, it's in my head pending realization. now it all just has to come together. breathe. as I remember what made the last attempt seem effortless (really, I remember looking back that night & being very impressed with our hosting skills. I wasn't exhausted either.), I thought I'd share those revelations. of course I have a schedule. my initials are OCD. my thanksgiving ingredient list is sorted by grocery aisle, people. if you're lucky, I will share that masterpiece someday. but the best tip I can give is...wait for it...drumroll please... to tape the printed recipes to the INSIDE of the upper cabinet doors. this keeps them within easy viewing, ensures they don't get splattered on, and keeps the counters clear for food prep. I tape one or two recipes on the inside of each door, along with my cooking schedule so I can make sure we are on track for turkey time. this also keeps my nose out of a cookbook, so I'm able to be more social. mid-conversation, I can open a cabinet door like I'm going for the spice rack and read my next instructions. what tips do you have???

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